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I mash buttons on a keyboard in order to make pixels on my screen display certain patterns. Sometimes the pixels produce a different image than what I had envisioned and then I tend to get confused, angry, or both. I write this blog in hopes that my articles will help reduce frustration among people who experience similar phenomena.

About the blog

This blog is a set of static pages generated by some primitive PHP spaghetti code I cobbled together. Since I'm a despicable freeloader, I allowed myself to offload most of the heavy lifting to other people.

I'd like to thank the authors of said programs and libraries for making my life easier.


The opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own, and may not reflect – in fact, they may even outright conflict – with those of my employers, clients, workmates, colleagues, family, or anyone else anyhow associated with me. Unless I'm quoting someone, it's all just my personal view on things.


Whether you wish to pat me on the head for being helpful, offer me a shiny new job, criticize for spreading misinformation, or simply call me names, you can use one of the means below. Listed in terms of likeliness of me reading your message, descending.


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Unless otherwise noted, the articles available on this blog are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License, whilst any code snippets appearing as part of said articles are distributed under the terms of the zlib license. The latter also applies to the HTML markup and CSS of the site itself.

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