Gaining Code Execution through a broken CMS


Some four years ago, back at my first workplace, one of our colleagues hailed the rest of us:

Hey guys, a friend of mine released a commercial CMS, he's already got a few clients and he asked if we'd like to poke around and see if we can break anything.

Being a prominent enthusiast of slacking off at work, I happily stopped whatever I was doing at the moment and asked him to provide me the URL to said CMS so I could take a look.

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Scraping Slack Webhooks from GitHub


Some time ago, Slack became a really popular tool for instant messaging within companies and communities. Many people consider it an awesome platform; many people consider it nothing more but a glorified IRC replacement. Technical merits and flaws aside, Slack and the many similar platforms are probably here to stay for some time.

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Slides: Copyleft and copyfree – a short overview of popular licences


During Hacktoberfest Poznań Meetup (October 2017) I gave a talk about copyright and how it affects FLOSS, along with a short overview of popular licences.

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Slides: Not only code – other ways you can support Free Software


During Hacktoberfest Poznań Meetup (October 2018), I gave a talk about how people can support Free Software, apart from just programming.

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